Veterinary Physiotherapy

Could you be helping race horses to perform or pets to recover? Get off to a good start at Harper Adams.

Optimising performance in the elite athletes of the animal world, from dressage and race horses to sled dogs, is just one route a veterinary physiotherapist can take. Whether treating pets, working animals, zoo or farm animals, physiotherapists play a vital role in animal health and wellbeing.

Why study Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams? If you are passionate about animals, and would enjoy working with their owners, trainers and vets, veterinary physiotherapy could be the career for you.

Physios treat almost anything that affects movement, from musculoskeletal or neurological injuries and conditions, to rehabilitation after surgery. You’ll learn techniques such as massage, stretching, exercise and electrotherapies to improve movement, restore normal muscle control and function, minimise the risk of injury, and enhance the performance of working and elite animals.

You’ll be taught by a team of veterinary surgeons and animal specialists including two dedicated veterinary physiotherapy lecturers.

During your first two years you will develop the applied skills to practice for real during your work placement. During your final year you’ll take part in clinics and a further clinical placement, do a research project and polish your skills in preparation for your future career. We encourage students to act as professionals from day one.

From a highly scientific base, you’ll use an holistic approach to treat animals referred by vets; finding out about the animal’s home environment, factors that may cause them problems or hinder their recovery such as poor nutrition, working with owners to create a treatment plan that they can comfortably implement and maintain at home.

“On placement I loved the outdoor, active lifestyle of Australia and working in the fast-paced, interesting horse racing industry.”

Rosie Cowie worked for Sydney-based Bjorn Baker Racing

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